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Dangerous Credit Card Transactions by Replica Center

Recent mishaps and bad news about credit card processing has led Replica Center to re-evaluate our position regarding payments by credit cards. Contrary to some of our articles, we feel that it is no longer as safe to purchase a replica watch by credit card as we had initially thought.

128-bit SSL Security.. Misunderstood - Replica Center

Most web surfers believe that because they have a 128-bit encrypted web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape), their credit card transactions are safe. This is a very wrong perception.

SSL Security only secures the information while it is being transferred from your computer to the merchant. But most people fail to realize that hackers never try to break in to that information while it is being transferred, because it is almost impossible to crack 128-bit SSL Encryption.

Instead, hackers steal your information when it is already stored on the merchant’s systems (or whomever is processing the credit card information).

This technique is much easier because there are security flaws in every piece of software. No software in this world is perfect, and no company dares to claim such a fact either. So the hackers simply have to know about ‘security holes’ and they can break in to the merchant’s systems, and steal everything they need.

You might be frightened to hear that the break-ins are usually done with relative ease.

Credit Card "Fishing"

You will be scared to learn that some sites on the Internet are fake. They are a false storefront, whose main purpose is to take your credit card or other personal information. Especially with replica watch sites, whose dealers always remain in the "grey area" of making money.

For example, the major job-posting sites on the Internet (such as recently issued a warning about false job postings whose purpose is to steal your identity after you submit information to them. These techniques happen much more often than you would like to believe.

Now imagine if something like this were to happen. Make sure you check out our Replica Site Reviews to filter through the scam sites who might be storing your credit card information elsewhere.

8 Million Stolen Credit Cards

Over 8 million credit cards were stolen by hackers who hacked into a major credit card processing company. The company conducts and clears credit card transactions for a variety of merchants.

This case not only confirms that ordering by credit cards is no longer completely safe, it also shows us that no matter whom you hand your credit card information to (whether it's an honest, reliable merchant or a multi-million dollar credit card processing company), it can still be stolen!

This is just one of the many reported cases on the Internet where credit card information is stolen. It is much easier to steal your information than you would want to believe.

As a matter of fact, sometimes having credit card information is enough to convince a phone operator to give the hacker your Social Insurance Number... and you've probably heard the rest of the identity theft nightmare.

Zero Liability? - ReplicaCenter

Zero Liability policies from credit card companies state that if fraudulent charges are made on your credit card, you are not liable for any of it. But It does not come without a cost. You can't just call your credit card company and say, "I did not make that charge, I want my money back". If only it were that simple, we could all be purchasing free items with our credit cards!

Instead, Visa/Mastercard/Amex do extensive investigations on each and every fraudulent charge. The investigations can take months. The consumer-initiated chargeback (as it is formally called) will also show up permanently on your history, because credit card companies require a way to track good and bad customers. This could also appear on your credit report in the future.

What if a hacker steals your credit card information? They can either duplicate the information on a fake credit card, or they can use your credit card to purchase items. This means you will have to cancel your current credit card and obtain a new one (and also carry a history of fraudulent charges, which can come back to haunt you later).

But the nightmare does not stop there. Even if you cancel your credit card, recurring charges from pornographic websites can still be charged on the closed credit card account. So that means even if new transactions will not be approved, monthly recurring charges can continue billing the old credit card and you will have to fight every one of them until you can contact the company to stop the recurring charges.

Just imagine the stress, time, and effort it would require to stop all fraudulent transactions on your credit card and obtain a new one! And surprisingly enough, it has happened (or will happen) to 60% of people who make purchases over the Internet.

Recommendation - ReplicaCenter

Because some articles on our website recommend that you pay with a credit card, some members of our staff are shifting their stances on this position.

We believe that the safest, and most reliable replica watch transactions are conducted by COD (Cash on Delivery). You don't pay until you receive your package, and you don't have to hand out any of your personal information other than your shipping address. This also gives the merchant an extra incentive to ship out your package faster since they don't get paid until you receive the product.

However, if a website is listed as a Scam under our Website Reviews, we highly suggest you do NOT purchase from them. They must have a history of customer complaints, and you are most likely to be scammed by them regardless of how you pay them.

Western Union is also safe, but do NOT send Western Union transactions unless the website is listed with no complaints under our Website Reviews! If you send Western Union transfers to a scam site, then you could be faced with some serious trouble trying to receive your watch.